Gabriel Lima

I am a computer science M.S. student at KAIST and a researcher in the Data Science Group at IBS advised by Meeyoung Cha. You can check my CV here.

I am a computer scientist interested in understanding people's perception of artificial intelligence (AI) and how it will morally and legally affect our society. I am currently working towards understanding how the general public assigns responsibility for the actions of AI and robots. My research's main objective is to study how people perceive the moral agency and patiency of automated systems to embed their opinion on normative discussions of the responsibility gap. I'm also interested in examining how we could include automated systems into our social and moral practices.


  • Human Perceptions on Moral Responsibility of AI: A Case Study in AI-Assisted Bail Decision-Making
    Gabriel Lima, Nina Grgić-Hlača, Meeyoung Cha
    ACM CHI 2021

  • Prevalence of Misinformation and Factchecks on the COVID-19 Pandemic in 35 Countries: Observational Infodemiology Study
    Meeyoung Cha, Chiyoung Cha, Karandeep Singh, Gabriel Lima, Yong-Yeol Ahn, Juhi Kulshrestha, Onur Varol
    JMIR Human Factors

  • Collecting the Public Perception of AI and Robot Rights
    Gabriel Lima, Changyeon Kim, Seungho Ryu, Chihyung Jeon, Meeyoung Cha
    ACM CSCW 2020

  • Explaining the Punishment/Liability Gap of AI and Robots
    Kyungsin Park, Gabriel Lima, Meeyoung Cha, Chihyung Jeon
    We Robot 2020

  • Will Punishing Robots Become Imperative in the Future?
    Gabriel Lima, Meeyoung Cha, Chihyung Jeon, Kyungsin Park
    ACM CHI 2020 - Late Breaking Works

  • Descriptive AI Ethics: Collecting and Understanding the Public Opinion
    Gabriel Lima, Meeyoung Cha
    Ethics in Design Workshop - ACM CSCW 2020

  • Responsible AI and Its Stakeholders
    Gabriel Lima, Meeyoung Cha
    Fair and Responsible AI Workshop - ACM CHI 2020

  • Robots for Class President: Children’s Positions Toward AI Robot Rights
    Gabriel Camilo Lima, Sungkyu Park, Meeyoung Cha
    Korea Computer Congress 2019 (KCC)

  • Speech Emotion Classification using Raw Audio Input and Transcriptions
    Gabriel Lima, JinYeong Bak
    2018 International Conference on Signal Processing and Machine Learning (SPML 2018)


  • Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)
    M.S. in Computer Science
    Mar 2021 - Present
    Advanced B.S. in Computer Science
    Feb. 2017 - Feb. 2021

  • École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)
    Exchange Semester at the School of Computer and Communication Sciences
    Sep. 2019 - Feb. 2020

  • Colégio Técnico de Limeira (COTIL) - UNICAMP
    Computer Science Technical High School
    Feb. 2013 - Dec. 2015

Honors and Awards

  • KAIST School of Humanities and Social Sciences Best Paper Award
    Received for the paper titled "How Granting Rights to AI and Robots Might Conflict with Human Rights."
    Spring Semester, 2020

  • KAIST School of Computing Dean's List
    Received for outstanding academic achievement
    Fall Semester, 2018

  • Best Presentation Award
    Received at the 2018 International Conference on Signal Processing and Machine Learning (SPML 2018)
    Nov. 2018

Work Experiences

  • School of Humanities & Social Sciences, KAIST
    Teaching Assistant of the English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Program
    Aug. 2018 - Dec. 2018